Day 1 – Some basic things about myself

Where to start? I’m a girl, no, I used to be a girl. I’m a woman now, still can’t get the feel of that, even after al these years of womanhood. Love that word, womanhood. Makes me feel very grand in a way. I’m a woman who loves to read, cook, write, love and be good. Can you love that about yourself? Being good? It makes me feel good when I do good, so I guess it’s okay. Everything else is done with a passion, reading, cooking (eating) and recently I took up running. With a vengance. Because the only reason I run is because I want to eat. I’m not fat, not anymore, but I still have this monster in my head. Screaming at me each time I want to put food in my mouth, especially “bad” food. I’m a healthy eater, so bad food is luckily not very bad food, but still, sometimes it’s too much. And I want to be an calorie-eater instead of a calorie-counter. Ha.
I am also a fun loving person that is crazy about music. Live concerts are almost what I live for and discovering new bands is so cool. Mostly rock music, but anything will do really. It’s the atmosphere and the energy, all those people together making something beautiful. Creating something to love.
Another thing about me is my small obsession for Doctor Who. I say small, but it’s actually bigger on the inside. You know how it works, right? And I’m so so sorry if you don’t. I’m also in the Sherlock fandom and the Cumbercollective, and about to enter the Supernatural fandom, uh-oh, more tears for me, I guess, haha.
Are these the basics? Well, I’m also a cat person who loves dogs. I can’t sing, but I still belt my heart out during karaoke night. I know I’m not one in a million, I’m once in a lifetime. And I love life, real, genuine love. If you see me walking down the street I will most likely have a smile on my face, come rain or shine. I refuse to be kept down, it’s been too long.

Well, these are the basics I guess. But wait, there’s so much more!


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