Day 2 – 10 likes and dislikes

So I’ll start with the dislikes, because I believe in ending things on a positive note.

1. cold coffee
2. backstabbing people
3. lies
4.this is harder than I thought it would be
5. being interrupted while reading
6. People that post TGIF every week and say they hate mondays. It’s not the days, it’s your job you no longer like!
7. Running out of dislikes here
8. Injustice
9. Racism
10. Closed minds

And now for my likes:

1. music
2. cats
3. Dr Who, Sherlock BBC Series
4. Chocolate
5. hot coffee
6. shoes
7. when I write a killer blogpost
8. When my love smiles at me
9. Rainy sundays on the couch with tea, a blanket and a good book
10. Dancing at the concert of one of my fav bands


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