Day 3 – Your day, in great detail

My day began at 8 o’clock, seems early for a Sunday and it is, but my nephew was sleeping over and I heard him going downstairs (he’s 10) (oh god, what has The Doctor done to me, can’t even type 10 anymore without, uhm, nevermind, I digress). I also had a job this weekend, baking cupcakes for a little girl that turned 4 years old. Pink cupcakes with little crowns on them, I call them Peach, because they remind me of Princess Peach.

So I made breakfast and got ready to finish the cupcakes. My nephew was watching Spongebob and kept informing about the story, I couldn’t watch, I was in the kitchen. And I love Spongebob as much as he does! I had prepared the cupcakes yesterday, and all I had to do was put them together: cover the cake with frosting, put cocos around the base of the topping and add the crown, 45 cupcakes later I was done and it was around 10 o’clock (hello Doctor). My nephew had a football competion he had to go to, so we searched for all his stuff and off he went with his dad at 10.45h. I got the cupcakes ready for delivery, I put the boxes in my car and drove to the adress. The wind had picked up, but the sun was still shining, so lovely fall weather really.

The cupcakes were a great succes with the little girl (and her parents too), we had a cup of coffee and talked. The birthday party was today and the parents were wondering whether to put up a tent in the yard, because it might rain (it is November after all and we’re not in the Bahama’s, weather cannot be trusted in the Netherlands). Well, I left them to it and went home.

SInce it’s November I wrote my daily piece for NaNoWriMo and posted the result. Three days in AND on schedule. Had not expected that, we’ll see how I’m doing at the end of the month. Anyway, the piece went well, about 1800 words (I’m now at 338 with this post) so I was pleased. Back to life then, I had put a load of washing in the machine and it was ready. I went to the attic to hang it up and while I was doing that, I suddenly felt the airpressure drop, like when you’re on a plane? My ears popped and this strange noise  came from outside, like wind, but not like wind. Then I heard shouting from downstairs: “Go look outside! It’s a tornado!”. Wow.

A tornado had passed through our street. Luckily a small one and there was no damage to our house. But our neighbours? Not so much. Tiles flew from theirs roofs, smashed into cars. It was surreal. Slowly other news came in and our whole town had been affected, severe damage to houses and cars, trees and gardens. So far no victims, which is a blessing. Material damage can be repaired. My TL on FB shows more and more pictures of the damage and it was quite a scare for a lot of people. The weather finally let up, there was a hail storm afterwards and heavy rains. But now I can hear people outside again. I’ll go see if I can help.

Thanks for listening, had not expected this to happen on day three of the 30 day challenge!


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