Star gazing

We booked 2 nights in a “star cabin” in the countryside. It was cloudy and rain fell a lot, but that didn’t stop us from having fun.

The star cabin is tiny and cosy and very well designed. It has everything you need on 9m3! It’s in Twente in the Netherlands on the lands of Erfgoed Bossem. We can hear the cows and chickens nearby, and nothing but silence beyond that. Everything at the residence is biological and ecological, they work according to the Slow Food method.

At 5 minutes walking distance there’s a star observatory. Also tiny, still we learned a lot! (Like the telescope can’t look through the clouds,  who knew, we were convinced it would work). The people working there seemed to be volunteers,  this did not put down their enthusiasm.  It was delightfully awkward, filled with clean cut dry humor as you might expect in Twente
We took silly pictures in front a green screen, showing us in space, floating in a rocket ship, and petting a T-Rex. Then a demonstration of a mini rocket launch in a nearby meadow. The wind was blowing, the second rocket took forever to launch, but our tour guide relentlessly kept trying until it went up in the air. Next was the star observatory,  that was our favourite.  Looking at the starry sky and seeing all the planets and the sun up close. Absolutely beautiful! We’d definitely like something like that in our home. Last was the actual telescope that they have. Strong enough to see at least the moon and Jupiter. Unfortunately it was still very cloudy, so we looked at tree blossoms instead. Still gorgeous. 

We’ll definitely be returning some time in the summer.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do some actual star gazing as well! 


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