Thank you for being my friend

I’d like to take a moment to thank Google for being such a good friend all these years. All my questions, however random they may be, are answered. Sometimes even before I write the whole sentence. You always know where I am and direct me to where I want to go. 

Next I’d like to thank Facebook for taking such an interest in my life. Is so nice of you to always ask how I’m doing,  what I’m doing, and telling how the weather is going to  be today. Wishing me a good morning or goodnight each time I look at you.

I know I’m not the only one being torn between wanted to keep in touch and keeping my personal private space intact. I really feel we should think before we post:

  • Is it appropriate? 
  • Is it harmful?
  • Who could I hurt? Myself? Someone else?
  • Do I want to risk the possibility that the whole world knows this?
  • Is it helpful and positive? 

Recently I found this picture here. And I think the I for Inspiring can also be used for Illegal. Today we live in a world where fake news is not easily recognised and people don’t take enough time to verify what they comment on or even read about what they share or retweet. 

I strongly believe in sending out positive vibes, however I also want to speak up for a better world.  Which means I also share things that make me angry in the hopes that it will inspire others to think about these issues. Still, in my opinion,  we should think about the necessity of doing so. The kindness of it. Do you truly believe in the things you share? 


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