6. A book by an author you’ve never read before.

Dear Amy

by Helen Callaghan

“It was impossible to tell whether this was subtlety or social denseness at this point.”

This book could’ve been on the number 3 spot of this challenge, because I picked it up because of the cover. It was absolutely intriguing to me. The synopsis made it even more interesting.

It’s about a teacher, Margot Lewis, who writes a ‘Dear Amy’ column for a local newspaper. One day she receives a letter from a girl who went missing 20 years before, a day after one of her students goes missing as well. The letter is signed by Bethan Avery and the handwriting matches a sample of Bethan’s that the police has kept as evidence. No one had heard from the girl since her abduction. Margot is worried for both Bethan and her missing student Katie. Together with the police she tries to figure out whether the cases are connected. But then Margot is targeted herself.

The first half of the book has you glued to the pages, but the end was too obvious for me to be a real plot twister. The book is certainly well written, so I hope I’ll get a chance to read Helen Callahan’s next novel some day.

dear amy


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