Last goodbye to my friend 

I just read on Facebook that I lost you. That you are no longer in my life. Entered the clearing at the end of the path.

I knew you weren’t well,  a few days ago a message on your Facebook page told me you stopped the treatment at the hospital and went home, no unexpected visitors allowed. My messages to your phone weren’t read anymore and I don’t know how you celebrated your birthday last week. 

We hadn’t talked much since I moved away last summer, but it was ok between us I thought. I never realised you were getting sicker as you didn’t tell me. This was so you, not wanting other people worried about you. Always looking out for everyone else.

I glad you had these three bonus years after the scare we had when you were in the coma for 17 days. I watched and helped you recover from a little old lady to the determined woman that you have always been. The one with the big heart who’s days were filled by helping others.

My sweet friend, my heart grieves for you and I hope you went in peace. I will miss you. You and your kind heart, your wisdom and your laughter. RIP.